Corporate Social Responsibility

As Mahatma Gandhi famously said, “you must be the change you want to see in the world.”


At Proactive Clothing we believe that if you want to see real change enacted in the world, it’s best to lead by example.



People Focused CSR Programs:

With our head office in South Africa, as well as operating in many communities across Africa that have a great deal of social strife and impoverishment, we see that there is a direct need for corporate involvement; one of our core areas of focus at Proactive Clothing.

Street Store Donation

We recently supported The Street store by donating over 500 units of clothing for use in a give-aways to impoverished and homeless people. Click to view more photos and info here.


  •  Street Store 1
  •  Street Store 3
  •  Street Store 3



Outreach program

We run bi-annual outreach programs where clothing products and other items are donated to South African charities in need and our recent Toy Drive initiative supplies a number of children’s homes with gifts over the festive season each year. We encourage other companies, customers and even our employees to get involved with the charities. Below is a collection of some charities that we regularly support or have supported:

        AAAKEE is a South African children's humanitarian organisation that caters for children who occupy various orphanage homes, having been abandoned, abused, or neglected.
      • Breadline Africa Breadline Africa
        Breadline Africa provides infrastructure projects that benefit early childhood development (ECD – providing educational support to children between the ages of one and six years), and children and youth in literacy.
      • Ethelbert Ethelbert Childrens Home
        Ethelbert Child and Youth Care Centre is a residential place of safety that cares for 65 children who have been removed from their parents because of sexual and / or physical abuse, severe neglect, abandonment, and those orphaned because of HIV/Aids.
      • Uitsig Animal RescueUitsig Animal Rescue
        The Centre's mission is to give sanctuary to animals in need ensuring their welfare and wellbeing, and ultimately finding new homes with loving families, "changing lives ONE by ONE"
      • Oliver's House


        Oliver's House
        Oliver's house has a focus on early childhood development, education, skills development and community development.
      • Starfish Greathearts Foundation Starfish Greathearts Foundation
        Starfish supports children orphaned or vulnerable in South Africa by working in partnership with community based organisations.


Charity toy Donation



Another great Initiative that we support is the Garden Tree Project. This program helps the rural community of Bizana in the Eastern Cape in South Africa. There is a severe lack of employment opportunities or work available in the area so most of the local community live in poverty with little or no hope of improving their situations. This project has set up a factory to teach local community members how to produce clothing products which they can then sell to help generate an income. We donate any excess or available fabric to this project so they have materials to make products from. In the last few months we have donated over R100 000 worth of fabric to this cause.


Garden tree project



We also host programs with our employees to encourage them to personally get involved in communities that are in need, in any way they can. We host at least 1 annual event at each of our branches and warehouses that is focused on instilling the collaborative and giving ethos and culture that we believe in. Events in the past have included spending a day at a children’s home, donating toys and food and spending time with the children and taking part in fun runs and walks to the benefit of charity organizations.


Ethelbert Toy donation day
A day held for the children of Ethelbert Children's home where toys were donated for Christmas.